Transformative Holistic Wellness Experiences

Discover inner harmony through sound healing, Human Design, and breathwork. Embrace relief from stress, anxiety, and sleep issues with Christina Perrocheau.

Our Services

Explore personalized sound healing, Human Design readings, and curated breathwork sessions for holistic well-being.

Sound Healing

Experience the power of sound vibrations


Enhance your well-being through intentional breathing

Le Human Design

Unlock your true potential through Human Design

About Christina

Christina Perrocheau, a holistic practitioner in sound healing, breathwork, Human Design, and menopause coaching, offers transformative wellness sessions in Lavelanet, France.

My unique blend of services targets stress, anxiety, and sleep issues, helping individuals find relief and inner purpose.

Client Testimonials

My sinus headache is gone! No more pain or pressure after a tibetan bowl healing. Thanks Christina!


After surgery, I had horrible insomnia. I fell asleep after the second breathwork session. The recorded session saved me at 4am!


Christina’s sessions always help me with my sleep issues. Now I no longer wake up in the middle of the night.


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